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I'm Breann, co-founder of Successfully Social and I'm so happy you landed here!

As a school psychologist, social coach, and certified laughter yoga leader putting my skills and experience together to support twice exceptional learners and out-of-the-box kids with social emotional learning is a dream come true for this
neurodivergent grown up. 

Being social is hard and extremely challenging in this fast paced, now heavily virtual based, social world. Trying to keep up at times, can seem impossible and take a huge toll on our mental wellness.

Successfully Social was born out of a desire to help fill in the gaps for those who struggle socially and increase their mental wellness in the process. Understanding our own brain, navigating social nuances, and using tools for regulating the nervous system is what we are all about!

Thanks for reading and I'll see you on the inside!



Breann Colpitts, Ed.S, CLYL


With 18 years (and counting) of experience working with twice exceptional kids, autistic people, and children labeled as “behavior problems” Breann’s ingenuity, sense of humor, and ability to “see people” makes her a sought after social coach. 


After earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Kansas, Breann worked as a para in a pre-school in the Kansas City metro area. It was there she realized her dream to become a school psychologist and headed east to Radford University in VA for graduate school. Breann earned her master’s degree in psychology and her Education Specialist in School Psychology, graduating with honors. Fun Fact- she also wrote a study abroad curriculum with a fellow classmate to study disability in the UK and that program still exists!


Breann landed in CO in 2005 where she worked at a K-12 charter school and served the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community before moving to Denver. Working in a metro area school district, Breann proved herself an asset to the kids with the biggest behavioral challenges. She followed the Affective Needs program around as it got moved from school to school and eventually landed in her district’s day treatment program as part of the Mental Heath Team. During her tenure in public schools, Breann helped write the first standards based social emotional curriculum for her district and also hosted an after school Laughter Club to help students process stress through Laugher Yoga. 


As her love for social emotional learning grew and her time to devote to supporting students waned for more and more assessment, Breann left the schools to focus solely on supporting kids with social challenges. Along with her friend and former co-worker, Allison Marean, Breann opened Successfully Social and hasn’t looked back!


When she isn’t coaching, you can find Breann on adventures with her family, leading a Laughter Yoga session, or hiking in the woods.


Find Breann online!

Instagram @itsbreanncolpitts

Shoutout Magazine Interview

How it all started...

Successfully Social was born out of a desire to create a space where individuality is celebrated and people learn invaluable tools for navigating social situations, AND more importantly, an increased self-confidence and a strong sense of self-worth. 

Allison Marean & Breann Colpitts knew from the first time they met that they wanted to collaborate to create positive change for people from all walks of life. From coworkers at a small, neighborhood public school in Westminster, Colorado to friends & first time mamas trying to figure out life with littles they jumped--heart first and proudly opened Successfully Social Colorado in 2014. 

Beginning with in-home services and then welcoming clients into their own space in Denver, they are now excited to announce an East Coast branch and introduce Successfully Social New England


Although Allison & Breann now reside in different time zones, they continue to blaze a trail together. Through frequent collaboration with the goal of improving their respective communities by connecting people through laughter and enriching social experiences.

Successfully Social New England's Queen of Fun is Allison Marean and is based out of northern Massachusetts. They serve the communities of North Middlesex County, northern Worcester County and southern New Hampshire (west of Nashua). Successfully Social Colorado's Laugher Liaison is Breann Colpitts. She serves the Denver Metro Area.

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