Individual Coaching

Individual social coaching can be a good fit for individuals of all ages with both short term and long term social learning goals. Working directly with a social coach allows for flexibility to focus on what your child or family needs.


Caregiver Coaching is a unique individual coaching service aimed at improving relationships between adults and children. Sessions involve tailored strategies for your family that will give you new tools for your problem solving toolbox.


Social Groups

Social groups are where the rubber meets the road. Groups are perfect for practicing skills and making friends in a youth centered atmosphere. Students are often unaware that they are being coached, as they are having fun with their peers. While our groups infuse various approaches of teaching and methodology, each group has elements of Social Thinking® intertwined through group activities.

Our groups consist of between 2 and 5 students who have been thoughtfully brought together by our social educators. Our social educators take into consideration chronological age, social development, cognitive profile, and strengths and interests when finding the right group for your kiddo. Please note that we require an short intake interview to ensure best placement.


Young Adult Social Club

Our Young Adult Social Club  (ages 17+) meets twice a month throughout the school year. A great opportunity to get out of the house and widen your social circle. Also, a chance to brush up on social skills and learn something new while connecting with the community. 

Professional Development

In addition to social coaching, Successfully Social also offers professional consulation services to help you do your best work with quirky kiddos! We have a stockpile of strategies we would love to come and share with you! Our professional development will improve and increase your staff’s strategies to help ALL kids be more successful in the classroom. We listen to your needs and provide you with an opportunity to learn some new helpful strategies so you can benefit a multitude of students...and make your job a lot easier!

Contact us today for a tailor made professional development workshop!