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Small Group Social Coaching ages 5+
An ideal opportunity to receive in the moment coaching to address social emotional learning needs in a youth centered atmosphere. Kids are often unaware that they are being coached, as they are having fun with their peers playing, brainstorming or creating.

Groups consist of 2-4 like minded peers who have been thoughtfully brought together. Social coaches take into consideration age, social development, cognitive profile, as well as strengths and interests when finding the right group for your child.

 Social Skill Focus includes:

  • Developing tools for self-regulation

  • Increasing perspective taking abilities

  • Improving flexible, interactive thinking skills

  • Increasing ability to collaborate with a group (effective communication)

  • Broaden awareness & understanding of social nuances

Individual Social Coaching ages 5+

This 1:1 approach is a great way to be hyper focused on personal social learning goals. While the skills focus is much the same as a group setting, it's specifically focused on your child's strengths and needs. 

Parent Coaching is a unique individual coaching service aimed at improving relationships between adults and children. Sessions involve tailored strategies for your family that will give you new tools for your problem solving toolbox.

The 2e Collective Parent Community

The 2e Collective is a community of people raising Twice Exceptional (2e) and/or Out-Of-The-Box Kids. It's a place to learn about brain based strategies, stretch your comfort zone a bit, and be in community with others who get your journey. If you think you've got a 2e kid on your hands, then join us- no labels required!

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