At Successfully Social, we teach children, adolescents, and young adults skills to navigate our fast-paced social world.

Rather than teaching scripted interactions or individual rote social skills, we focus on building a foundation for interacting with a community in meaningful ways. We do this through individual coaching and social groups that infuse Social Thinking® concepts with fun activities and dynamic opportunities for social growth. 

How we benefit students and their families

Our social skills groups and individual coaching are beneficial for people with average to above average language abilities. We find that many clients go from anxious and alone to succeeding socially once they understand the thinking behind the doing. Our ultimate goal is to help people become a better version of themselves!

What you can expect from our programs:

  • Students will gain a deeper understanding of perspective taking

  • Groups will involve positive interactions with others

  • Learning opportunities in the community 

  • Students will increase their friendship making skills

  • Creative and innovative teaching approaches

  • Students will increase their understanding of social nuances

  • Students will go from being bossy to a respected leader

  • Assistance for parents, caregivers, and spouses

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